[rec] (2007) - Jaume Balagueró


Release date: October 17, 2008 (USA)
Directors: Paco Plaza, Jaume Balagueró
Editor: David Gallart
Languages: Spanish, Japanese
Screenplay: Paco Plaza, Jaume Balagueró, Luis Berdejo

Found footage horror movies are the newest genre and this is one of many that helped usher in that genre. The draw here isn't gore or jump scares, but it does have plenty of that. The draw here is being put into the cameraman's shoes. You are first hand for all of the madness that occurs. The only thing that takes you out of it is the subtitles. The movie is in Spanish but it does have English subtitles.

The movie starts out by introducing our main heroine for the film. She is a news reporter and we are watching her filming a segment at a local fire department. She follows them around the station, seeing how things work during the overnight shift. She even gets to go on a call with them. A call that has them responding to an old woman that is trapped in her apartment. When they are in the apartment complex, they are shut in and told that they are under quarantine. Now this news reporter and a handful of firefighters have to survive the night with virus Zombies running around.

This is a found footage movie that plays out as such. The movie has the creepy vibe to it. You start to realize that you aren't going to see this main character anymore. With no prior knowledge this movie could have been amazing. Unfortunately, I watched Quarantine (an American remake) before watching this movie. This looked better. The effects felt smoother. Even though both are pretty much the same scene for scene.

The movie deals with a "virus" that is infecting people in an apartment complex. The virus has the same effects pretty much as the 28 Days Later or I am Legend contagion. I like that the movie doesn't give you too much information. You are pretty limited with this movie. You only get to know what the cameraman knows. That is pretty cool.

There's something more to this place. Our cells don't work. N

either does the T.V. or radio. We're isolated. 


  • The old man at the start says that their mobile phones, TV etc don't work but when the Pablo and Angela go up to the third floor to get keys the TV is obviously on and working.
  • The film premiere was in August 2007 at the 64th Venice International Film Festival, out of competition.
  • The DVD for this film wasn't released in the US until after its remake Quarantine had been out in theaters and the sequel [Rec] ² had been confirmed.