Paranormal Activity 2 (2010) - Tod Williams

Like the first movie; Paranormal Activity 2 is a very slow paced horror film, that rewards you for waiting through some really dull scenes. You literally stare at the screen and wait for something to happen, then a chair moves across the floor less than a foot. If you want to see a fast-paced high intensity killer, that chops his victims up and comes back every holiday to kill teenage girls. This movie isn't for you. 

This movie is a prequel to the horror movie hit, Paranormal Activity, that takes place a few months prior to the beginning of that title. The movie deals with the same demon as the first film only this time we get more information on why the demon has attached itself to these girls. In this movie the demon is interested in abducting or killing this families first-born son. The demon constantly harasses the mother in this movie, the sister of our lead from the first movie. There is a ton of paranormal activity, I should say. The movie goes the usual path of sequels, and offers more scare for your buck. In this movie it doesn't feel too over-blown, just yet. 

The feel that this movie, and its brethren illicit are very genuine. I feel actual terror when I am watching these movies. Perhaps it is just that the scares in this movie are ultra-realistic. The directors and writers for these movies work hand-in-hand with some leading paranormal investigators to bring you something that feels very plausible. The scariest thing about "Found Footage" horror movies are that there is always this underlying feeling that this is all real. 

I recommend this and all other Paranormal Activity movies. They are really interesting and if you get scared like me, then you might just have a hard time sleeping after watching it. I can attest to sleeping worse after these movies. Blaming every noise in my apartment on the crazy demon that is attached to me. 

I don't know if the house is haunted, but I hope it is.


  • Shipped to theaters under the false name Sharpie '79.
  • Brian De Palma was tapped to direct. 
  • The trailer for this movie had false scenes that it showed to throw off the audience. It was banned in a few states for being too scary.