Evil Ed (1995) - Anders Jacobsson

Evil Ed is funny to me. This is a movie about a film editor that is tapped for a specific project; to cut gore scenes out of splatter pictures and snuff films. Eventually, the job gets the better of him and he cracks. I find it funny considering my hobby. I am watching every horror film ever made in order starting at the beginning. I have been working on this project now for the past three years. I have seen some of the craziest movies and some really disturbing shit, I don't think it has changed my persona. I mean obviously this film is an exaggeration. You understand the comedy here, right?   

The movie is really indie, it has some really interesting solutions for various problems and does a good job of creatively bringing you the gore. This movie has tons of that. Gore. The film is about a working stiff drone named Eddie, that is pulled off his everyday work and "promoted" to editing really gruesome horror pictures for his boss. The movie takes awhile to get to the point but eventually Eddie becomes deranged by watching these movies. He begins killing people. 

The film was originally made in Sweden and features English dubbing. The dubbing isn't the best quality and creates some really awesome comedy to counter balance the weird creepy-ness. There are scenes that are really hard to watch with the dubbing. The effects are pretty decent, there is a large quantity of blood. We are talking about buckets of blood. Hey. Why not? This is a splatter picture. It's like bloodsploitation. 

This movie isn't unlike every other straight to video horror movie that came out in the nineties. It is pretty basic and runs into the same mistakes that most of these movies do. It does have a cult following though, so I guess that's pretty cool. I feel like people that watched this movie also watched Dr. Giggles or 976-EVIL. 

Don't you fucking look at me!

  • This film was finished in 1995 but it didn't get released until 1997. 
  • This film is actually a satire of the harsh censorship from that country. Apparently, it had been abolished in 1996.
  • The title of the film is a reference to Evil Dead. Also the lead character's name is Sam Campbell. Think about it.