Wolf Blood (1925) - George Chesebro

Wolf Blood has an interesting take on the werewolf genre. If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I am extremely critical of werewolf movies. I dislike CGI and that unfortunately takes away just about every modern wolf-ie movie. The best that I have seen so far is American Werewolf in London. Them's are some mighty big shoes to fill, nothing has touched it. Wolf Blood isn't fantastic, and it isn't American Werewolf but it is pretty damn good. I think its all about the different take on the lore.

Wolf Blood is a movie about two warring logging camps in Canada. Things turn bloody when the evil logging camp decides to "Assassinate" Dick Bannister, the leader of the good logging camp. Dick's blood loss is so bad that he needs a transfusion and they do it with a wolf. They give him wolf blood. He begins to have these vivid "dreams" about killing people! Pretty cool. This is a pretty interesting take on the usual werewolf story. I like it.

The movie isn't bad to look at either. Fantastic shots of the giant trees and beautiful forest. The shots are pretty clear and it has held up well over time. The timing is just a little sluggish at times. There are a lot of dragging moments, and so much going on that it begins to become a little much. However, it did well for its time. I would suggest taking a gander at this one. It is available on YouTube for free.

A Tale of the Forest


  • The movie has no official soundtrack
  • The copyright expired in 1954
  • It is not available on its own in DVD or VHS formats.