Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) - Tommy Lee Wallace

This is the most pointless movie ever put to film. Tommy Lee Wallace and John Carpenter should have steered clear away from this one. At least Moustapha Akkad was financially obligated to the movie. I can understand, more-so, what he was doing there. However, I can't piece together why anyone would go into this movie with such a horrible script. John Carpenter must have been high as a kite! Steven King came out and admitted that when he filmed Maximum Overdrive, he was blown out of his mind. Those guys had mucho bucks in the early eighties and blew it on the rich man's aspirin. 

The plot is virtually un-recognizable. It just keeps going on with no end in site and no reason. The movie has to do with an evil CEO of a mask making company that plans on killing children with their masks. How? Well on Halloween, Silver Shamrock is going to air a commercial after the local channel plays Halloween (Yes, John Carpenter's original Halloween) on television. This commercial will send out a special signal to a piece of stone that was stolen from Stonehenge. Then the mask with somehow kill the kid with a laser, and materialize bugs and snakes inside of the children. Then the bugs and snakes would make their way out of the child in anyway possible, thus insuring the death of the young one. Why? Why would anyone ever do this? Well... that is really never explained. Yup. I guess that wasn't important enough.

So if you made it through what i tried to describe as a plot. Then I want to make this point. The point is that this movie holds a certain amount of mystique that keeps me coming back to it. Hell its why I own it on VHS. Its because Halloween 3 has nothing to do with Michael Myers or that plot device what-so-ever. This movie is a completely different film that is fully-aware of the previous two films. However, the movie is called a sequel... Your guess is as good as mine. 

It has been said that John Carpenter had plans to make the Halloween movies a series horror, with different stand alone story lines. Like Creepshow, but with separate full-length films that come out every year on Halloween. The first two movies that deal with Michael Myers and Laurie Strode have something to do with the Boogieman. I have no idea where he was going with the third movie, but I would of liked to see his concept done right. I wish that Halloween 3 was a better movie so that Michael Myers would have never come back. John Carpenter may have been on to something there. 

I am going to recommend Halloween 3. You have to see it with friends around. This movie is so much fun for Halloween parties. Invite your witty friends over and crack open a few beers. You will have a blast. I cracked up so many times. There is nothing scary about the movie. It does have some decent gore, but mostly its just pointless mess. The soundtrack is fun. I think they even use parts of the setting music from the other movies. 

(Hero) Daniel Challis: Why Cochran? Why? 

(Villain) Conal Cochran: Do I need a reason?

  • The tagline "The night nobody comes home" is a play on the original Halloween movie's tagline, "The night HE came home.
  • Michael Myers does appear briefly in this film, on a television advertising the original Halloween. It comes near the beginning when Dan Challis is drinking in a bar.
  • The voice of the operator that Challis keeps getting when he tries to call out of Santa Mira is Jamie Lee Curtis.