The Video Dead (1987) - Robert Scott

Let me give you a quick rundown of the madness that goes on in this rare-gem in the rough of horror crap: A satanic television spews out zombies all over a small suburban area while two siblings and a Waylon Jennings look-a-like have to stop 'em from spreading out and killing everyone. All that before the parents come back from their vacation in Saudi Arabia. That's right Saudi Arabia! What are you gonna go for when the recently awakened undead prowls your streets? Not the weapons these chuckle-heads break-out.
"Kill the body and the head will die."
- Smokin' Joe Frazier
These words rang true in most zombie movies up until this point. Instead of the usual Romero kill, you either have to make them think that they are dead. In which case they would just lay on the ground and die eventually of starvation or you could lock them all in an enclosed area where they would eat each other. How strange. Kinda boring when you really break down the zombie genre like that. Just trap them all in a giant airplane hangar and throw away the keys. Additionally the killings in the movie are all original and all hilarious.

Of course this movie works in the background at frat parties or at your friends house for a movie watching get together. Unfortunately you can't just pop this one on. It's a really hard movie to find. I was really lucky and found it on Netflix. I couldn't say if it was still there. It was such a good movie to find. What a film. It is funny, gory, stupid, and amusing all in one package. 

Director: Robert Scott
Country: USA
Style: Low Budget

Did ya know...

This was filmed in the beautiful Marin County of California. Was already transferred to HD. Why? It also has a hardcore punk band named after it!