The Raven (1915) - Charles Braben

The Raven from 1915 seems to be the biggest failure, chronologically speaking. Up until now a Horror movie hadn't been this bad. This was really like the film-makers... Charles Braben, didn't even try. This movie is an exaggerated biography of the famous horror writer, Edgar Allan Poe. The movie stars Henry B. Walthall as a pretty decent Poe. 

The movie is long and incredibly boring. It teeters on the edge of being scary and it never tips over. Its just a wast of time. It shouldn't be considered horror. I am only writing and posting this review to warn you all. This "horror" movie misses its mark by a huge margin.

There are some pretty great scenes with Poe going into an alcohol induced hallucination of himself in his own poetry. That is about all that I can take away from this piece of junk. Sorry. 

I recommend steering clear of 1915's The Raven. There are a ton of other silent horror pictures that better serve the purpose of entertainment.


  • Henry B. Walthall portrayed Poe in a film the year prior, 1914's The Avenging Conscience.
  • The film is based on a play by the same name.
  • The film was released on my birthday November 8th 1915