Crazy Fat Ethel 2 (1987) - Nick Millard

I like to go out and hit up garage sales early in the mornings on Saturdays. Usually you can find some really good stuff, other times you just look at piles of shit for 20 minuets, moving so slowly. Maybe that's just me though. One time I found a copy of Crazy Fat Ethel 2 on VHS, it came with Tron and a bootleg copy of Eraserhead. I called some friends and we all watched this movie Crazy Fat Ethel 2. Holy crap!

This movie is a roller-coaster ride of poop. From the director shooting on, what looked to be, the cheapest equipment ever. To their not being a shred of decent audio. To the amazingly terrible script. There is not one saving grace to the entire film. The movie is offensive and stupid all rolled up into a nice tiny ball of turd.

Now that I got that out of my system...

I could not believe what I was watching, Fatsplotiation! The tag line to the movie, which actually doubles as the plot, is "Never come between Ethel and a well-stocked refrigerator!!" That is it all in one sentence. This movie is about a large woman who kills anyone that gets between her and a Twinkie. Watching this movie I could only think of Al Bundy jokes, which is bad! The killings are done in a really strange and cheap fashion. The movie is overall the weirdest film I have ever seen.

I am torn so much watching this movie that I think I am going to give it a 0 of 10. I have no idea how I should judge this movie fairly. On one hand I really love the movie as itself, but on the other this is an abortion of a film. The movie is so hard to describe and rate, I guess i have to knock off points for using multiple shots from the first movie. Then again I have to give the movie points for its cult appeal.

Overall I will put this movie on the 1001 horror movies that you need to see before you die in one, list.

I definitely recommend seeing this movie in a group setting, not by yourself please.

I'm hungry

  • Wow okay so the movie was filmed in Monterey, CA that is where I live now and where I found the VHS. 
  • The entire first half of the movie was made up of stuff from the original.
  • Also known as Criminally Insane 2

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