Scream (1996) - Wes Craven

Scream will always hold a special place in my heart. On a rainy day in 1996, I went to the dollar theater and payed $1.00 to see Scream back to back with, The Pest, I think. Scream was, and is, a really fun movie to watch at a party or even just on your own. The movie is iconic with the 90's and I love it! Everyone in High School would ask "Do you like Scary Movies!" That was actually a period of time. Like Austin Powers and the "Yeah Baby" phase, America went through a "Do you like Scary Movies?" phase. I am also pretty sure that either you or someone that you know went as the killer from this movie for Halloween. With big name actors like Skeet Ulrich, Matthew Lillard, Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, David Arquette, and Drew Barrymore. This movie was gold from frame one.

The movie is about a small town called Woodsboro, which is being terrorized by a masked killer. The killer is focusing on young Sidney Prescott. A girl who's mother was murdered before this movie takes place. We follow many characters including Sidney and her group of stereotypical 90's friends. When the bodies begin stacking up around them everyone is a suspect. This makes the movie a classic "Who-Done-It!?"

The murders in the movie are mostly stabbings, there is one really stupid killing, but its not enough to hinder the movie. You have all of the elements of a really good horror movie. There is blood, and a lot of it. There is suspense, and quite a bit of it. There is comedy, and it is pretty witty. The movie was written extremely well and most of the lines are memorable. I don't know many people who dislike the movie.

I love all of the little things in the movie, like the janitor in a red and green striped sweater named Fred. The fact that Tatum doesn't want Sidney to end up in a Wes Carpenter movie. This is such a creative film and def. a staple of 90's horror. It is on the list of horror movies to see, and I am going to give Scream a 9/10.

Director: Wes Craven
Style: Teen Slasher
Studio: Miramax
Country: USA

Did ya know...
The soundtrack is very 90's featuring bands like Gus, Sister Machine Gun, and Moby
Linda Blair is in the movie!
Miramax (RIP) released the movie and many movie posters and boxes are prevalent (ie. Clerks)