The Most Dangerous Game (1932) - Irvine Pichel

The Pest is a movie that I saw when I was like fourteen. That movie was the first to entertain the thought of humans hunting humans, at least to me. I like this storyline, I think that aside from The Pest most of the movies have done it right. If you catch my drift... So when I came across this movie on my Netflix account, I was pretty excited.

I really enjoyed this movie, I was throughly entertained by it. I love that in this movie you have a real hero of a hunter and a real villian of a hunter. I did find Fay Wray kind of annoying in this. But that was just a small thing, it didn't ruin it. I like how the entire movie was shot on the King Kong sets, that was due to be released the following year. The movie also has its scary parts, and hilarious parts. All and all I would have to say that I recommend it.

The movie is about a mad hunter on some island. Who is making people's ships crash and he is hunting the survivors. The movie is a comedic thriller mostly, but there are a few really choice scary scenes, and the special effects really arn't that bad. The movie has a Schwarzenegger feel to it. Well at least to me, No one else gets that for some reason. I see it though, like if I remade this I would do it with Arnie and John Malkovich... Well maybe not.

I thought that the scariest person in this movie would have to be the beastly man servant. He was terrorizing and he looked like the worst creep I have ever seen! Well he is going to carry this movie to an 8 for me. I was really happy with it and again I recommend it, enjoy.

Ike hunt
  • The actor playing "Ivan the Cossack" was Noble Johnson, a multi-talented African American who was a childhood friend of Lon Chaney. This is the earliest known instance of a black actor working in "whiteface" to play a Caucasian character.
  • Most of the standing sets from King Kong (1933) were used in the making of this film, including the King Kong (1933) gate (which was eventually burned down in the "Burning of Atlanta" sequence of Gone with the Wind (1939)). This film and "King Kong" were shot at the same time, though "Kong" was released later (probably due to the special effects required for "Kong").
  • Filmed in Hollywood!