Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977) - John Boorman

So I watched the Exorcist 2 on VHS. I really love the cover of the video and the creepieness of the box. That is about all that is creepy about this confusing fuck of a movie. I do like seeing all of the different exorcisms but I think that the movie is the dullest and most boring movies I have ever seen. I really liked the Exorcist and I wish that they never made any sequels.

John Boorman directed Deliverance and you would think that he would of done this movie justice. Unfortunately he directed Beyond Rangoon as well. The movie expands more than it should and tries to relapse into the first movie but does it in a slow and off way. The first movie was so amazing in contrast, its like night and day. The first movie was long and drawn out in the best way possible, it drug you into the movie and set you up for amazing payoff. This is a different type of movie that would of done better in an hour and a half.

If you haven't seen this movie the plot goes something like this... Regan is still possessed by Puzuzu. She splits in two... i dunno. There is Linda Blair in a negligee though, and multiple demon shots. I guess you could rent this movie if you have the free time. James Earl Jones is in the movie too, that gives it the littlest of little credit. This is the same year that he did the voice of Vader.

So if you have the time go rent it, if you want to avoid it, avoid it. This is not a recommendation and more of a warning. It only proved that the Exorcist should not of been continued, just left at one, perfect, movie. 4 of 10 for Exorcist 2.



  • People hated the movie on its opening night!
  • The movie was released in theaters like 3 times
  • They offered the movie to Stanley Kubrick

Even this damn Trailer is laughable.... what a terrible theme! I want it on Vinyl or 8 Track some one track this down brandon.siddall@gmail.com