Trick 'R Treat (2008) - Michael Doughert

This might be the best horror movie I have seen in very long time. I am a big fan of multiple story horror movies, and this is the most creative one I have ever seen. This movie calls back to the good old days of horror, the 80's. It makes me feel like I am watching a good 80's flick like Creepshow or even reminds me of Tales From The Crypt episodes. This is definitely going on my 1001 horror movies to watch before you are killed in one list.

Trick 'R Treat is a multi story horror movie with about 4 different plots going on at once. One, there is a school bus with weird kids. Two, there is a weirdo teacher guy. Three, Sookie Stackhouse and friends are looking for dudes. My favorite Three, an old man is visited by a special little guy. The last story is of a couple that is terrorized. The whole movie has this tone of folklore and superstition and if you don't buy into it, the entire town will hunt you down.

The thing that pulls this movie together is a little guy in a crude burlap sack costume. His name is Sam and he was the subject of the director's short film of which this movie is based, Season's Greetings. Sam is a pretty awesome silent narrator who always seems to be there just so that you know something is going on. Oh, he is scary as hell too. I swear I am going to find a little person and have him dress as Sam for this Halloween.

My favorite holiday is Halloween, so I think the movie really speaks to me. I can see this movie becoming a Halloween tradition for me and for a lot of people. The one thing that I like most about this movie is that all of the stories intertwine. You are always noticing things in the background that are going on, that would also be happening either later or earlier in the movie. The other thing is the payoff's, this movie has mucho payoff's and they rock!

Another thing that I hate in movies are the over use of CGI, this movie does not over use CGI at all. ****SPOILER**** There is a scene with werewolves and I love that for the wolves themselves they didn't use CGI, instead they used animatronix! ****END SPOILERS**** I always make the argument that CGI movies are talentless, I think that it means much, much more when you have a team of set designers making sets out of whatever. Hell for Roadhouse they built a damn gas station and blew it up! CGI doesn't make great movies.

The movie has buckets of blood and the killings are pretty original. If you are into gore the movie has a pretty decent amount of it. The only thing there is a shortage of here are jumpy scares. The movie doesn't really rely on them to scare you, the movie sets you up mentaly and then scares you. The movie gets your heart pumping from beginning to end.

Trick 'R Treat gets a well deserved 9 of 10 from me and I hope that horror movies take a note from this and do more like it. I didn't expect much from the movie, as I stayed away from the reviews and postings about this movie for like a year. I knew it was awesome because I had to watch it two times in a row... SO enjoy

What a treat


  • If you didn't notice alot of the actors are all Marvel Comics movie alumni
  • This is a Canadian movie, filmed in Canada
  • Anna Paquin is becoming hotter and hotter... she is in this, its not really a fact but I just wanted to say it.