Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986) - Tobe Hooper

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

1986 - Tobe Hooper



Tobe Hooper came off of directing a classic amazing horror movie like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and directed this P.O.S, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. The movie is supposed to be a black comedy and in that right, it succeeds. The movie really tears down the terrorizing wall that was built around the series with the first movie. This movie is in no way whatsoever scary, or terrorizing.

Firstly the acting of Dennis Hopper and Caroline Williams is actually pretty decent, for their roles. Hopper plays 'Lefty' a Texas Ranger that is looking for revenge on the Sawyer family, after they killed his wheelchair bound son in the first movie. Caroline Williams plays a DJ that gets too mixed up in things after her radio station receives a call from two teens chopped up by Leatherface.

Now, the killings are very few in this movie. I think there are really only two killings that we see on screen. Leatherface kills some teens on what might be the longest bridge known to man, and he and Chop-top kill the DJ's close friend LG. LG dies in one of the most painful scenes I have ever had to watch, I can't even put into words how horrible of a scene this was. In fact I would have to say that the entire Sawyer clan was incredibly annoying, Leatherface with his puberty was a terrible move. Chop-Top and Cook with their constant talking over one and other and bickering made them incredibly annoying.

The emulation of the Leatherface dance at the end of the movie really seems pretty laughable too. I am fairly certain that this movie was intended to be a comedy. For that I am going to give Texas Chainsaw Massacre a 4 of 10.

In memory of Dennis Hopper

  • For some reason this movie was banned in Germany and Singapore
  • The VHS cover of the movie features the Sawyer Family posed like the Breakfast Club
  • The movie was originally intended to be called "Beyond the valley of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre"