The Sixth Sense (1999) - M. Night Shyamalan

M. Night Shamalama is one hell of a director, or is he? That guy had some really good ideas at one point, but I think after movies like The Happening and Lady in the Water he needs to hang up the camera. The Sixth Sense is the first movie directed by M. Night. This should of been his only venture into film making. Well that's not true, Unbreakable was a pretty decent movie.

The movie does a pretty good job of holding your interest all the way through. Haley J. does an awesome acting job for a little kid. The one problem that I have with this movie is that it forces you into viewing the "Twist." If you were to watch the movie from another angle you would notice things. Those things would ruin the "Twist" for you. M. Night really loves his "Twists" and it shows, this movie is a damn roller coaster.

The movie is incredibly depressing and frightening at the same time. If you haven't seen the movie I will let you in on a little bit here... Bruce Willis is a psychologist who was accosted by some guy one night in his home. He later helps little Haley, who is going through some kind of adolescent rough patch. This was actually the first time I have ever seen the movie and I really enjoyed it, although M. Night seems to be going strictly by the book when he is making this movie.1999

The entire movie can be used as some sort of film-making guide almost. Red means danger, key words used over again to make a point, etc. The movie looks like Robert McKee's Story put to film. All we have here are ghosts but some of them are pretty freaky and there are some really scary parts that made my heart pump.

I see a failed career
  • The movie was inspired by an episode of Nickelodeon's Are You Afraid of the Dark.
  • The film was up for six Academy Awards including Best Picture.
  • Bruce Willis who is a Lefty, learned to be a righty for this movie