Repo: The Genetic Opera (2008) - Darren Bousman

Tag lined as not your parents opera this is the second musical, ahem, sorry Opera that we have showcased in my reviews. I really kind of enjoyed Repo, I think that in years it will be a great cult film. I know that around the country there are tons of fans flocking to midnight showings, gothed out, and singing their favorite songs.

First off the cast, I really enjoyed this cast even though it included Paris Hilton. The movie really has a really wide range of cast members including opera singer Sarah Brightman, veteran actor Paul Sorvino, horror movie bad guy Bill Mosley, Buffy's mentor Anthony Head, and Nivek Ogre from Skinny Puppy. The movie features songs that I believe are sung by each member. I have to go back to Paris Hilton again, from what I understand she paid for her entire part in the movie and helped out the director and producer by giving up some funds.

The songs in this movie are insanely good, the soundtrack itself is worth buying if your a Rocky Horror Picture Show type person. Again, I believe that every cast member actually sings their lines. I was mistake above when I said that the movie was a musical. I heard an interview with the director who drew very distinct lines, he said that a musical has talking parts. This movie has no talking lines. Every word is sung. Its really interesting to watch.

The movie is set in the future where our organs are failing at an alarming rate. A corporation steps in and begins getting people organs at discount rates but if they can't pay, they send out a repo guy to get the organs back. All of this to song.

I did not like Bill Mosley or Ogre's roles. I felt really annoyed each time they came on screen, I don't know why. Maybe my attitude will change with repeat viewings, we will see. I place this movie up there with shlock movies of the 90's, it feels like a Barb Wire or Tank Girl to me. I like both of those movies but in no way are they good. The movie def. has cult appeal to me and I give it that.

Sing it loud

  • Rumor has it Paris Hilton had a copy of this script smuggled in to her while she was in jail, to bone up on it.
  • The director also directed Saw IV, and he used sets and props from that movie to make this.
  • The movie was snubbed when it went up for marketing and kind of got lost in the fold, thus the big response to midnight showings.