The Brain From Planet Arous (1957) - Nathan H. Juran

Perverted alien brains, Vol and Gor (Volgor? Vuglar?) from Planet Arous (Planet Arouse?) come to Earth. Gor comes to Earth first and possesses the body of Steve March. He than uses his crazy destructive powers to hold the world at his mercy. He is also very sex crazed and tries numerous times to rape Steve March's girlfriend, Its kinda weird. Hope comes in the form of the next brain, Vol, who shows up talking about Gor being a wanted criminal on his planet. Vol possesses a white German Shepard and tries to stop Gor... but he actually doesn't do much and its Steve who finally stops Gor with an axe to the... well the brain of Gor.

This was one of the first requests that I took from a reader and while it was a very fun watch to see with friends. It was a very forgettable movie that I wouldn't really recommend to anyone. I guess the movie had its moments, there were some really cool effects with some crazy contacts that Steve March had in when he went Nuclear. Other than that this movie is an easy laugh off... Its also not scary in anyway and the villain and hero are stupid.

Its to be expected though, in the 50's there are a large number of crappy horror movies that I am going to have to wade my way through. Lets see... Cool things about this movie? Well it was filmed at Bronson Canyon in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. I went hiking there and it is beautiful, but you cant really throw a rock in Hollywood without hitting a movie that was filmed there. The movie is in English and it was filmed in America if that makes a difference to you. It has a run time of 71 minuets and is entirely in black and white. It was probably made on an incredibly small budget as well. You can find this movie on and you can rent it there too... I will include a link at the bottom of this article.

I am giving The Brain from Planet Arous a 2 out of 10 for at least trying to be entertaining. It made me chuckle in a few parts, and the sex starved floating brain with eyes is hilarious!

  • Check out the wires holding up the brain while its flying
  • The contacts that Steve March wears when he is Radioactive, were crazy uncomfortable for the Actor to wear.
  • Movie was filmed in Los Angeles, CA
  • From 1958 and on this movie was shown with as a double feature with Monster from Green Hell