The Prophecy (1995) - Gregory Widen

So I watched this movie on heavy medication because I just had a root canal and I needed something to watch to pass time. Christopher Walken is one of my favorite actors and this movie is pretty kick ass. I really like it as a religious horror type movie, but this movie is in no way to me considered to be a Horror movie. Its kinda scary i guess and has a few gory parts, but there is no real build-up. Christopher Walken really steals the show as Gabriel the Archangel, he even busts out his trusty handy dandy trumpet of doom.

What we have here is a cop who used to be a priest who lost his faith in God. Somehow he gets his faith back with little struggle in this movie though. Its weird, I at least expected him to put up some kind of fight or struggle with coming to grips with the fact that he was wrong for all of those years. They didn't really tackle that though, weird, i guess. Any who this cop who loses his faith gets caught up in the middle of the war between angels and demons and decides that he himself will stop the war!

The movie has Eric Stoltz in it and I am a sucker for Eric Stoltz movies, did you know there are pictures out there of Stoltz as Marty McFly. Yeah, he was supposed to be McFly in Back to the Future... But they didn't like his ginger ways and went with Michael J. Fox instead. Just a little food for thought.

Anyway, scary level is not high on this one. Pansy little girls can watch this movie because there is really nothing here to freak you out. Well except for Christopher Walken's hair in this one, or the first angel with no eyes. That was creepy, it looked weird and felt wrong. I am giving the Prophecy 4 out of 10...

I will love you more than your Jesus - Satan