Childs Play 3 (1991) - Jack Bender

Chucky is back... Again! Look, I kinda like this movie. I have seen this movie, for some reason, like 5 times. This is by no stretch of the mind a good movie whatsoever. I noticed a few things, on being that you never see a full shot of the Good Guy doll Chucky. I know that their budget was very small and it looks like they knew that no one would really care if this movie came out or not. Well, I got this on my instant queue on Netflix and watched it so I have to review it, right?

Charles Lee Ray is killing again. This time he, well Chucky, follows Andy to Military school where he meets a little kid that intrigues him more than Andy himself. There are numerous brutal and comedic killings in this one, as well as a good bucket full of blood. If your concerned about watching this movie because you are squeamish around blood, there might be some moments to close your eyes tight. I don't understand why people just don't punt Chucky across the room. I have always wanted to be in a Childs Play movie so that I could save the day by showing that I am stronger and bigger than a doll.

There are familiar voices in this movie including Brad Dourif, who has been the voice of our favorite serial killer in stitching. That is one of the most redeeming features of any Child's Play movie, the staying power of Chucky. For some reason like I said above, I actually like this movie. Maybe its nostalgic, The first time I watched it was when I was 10 at a sleep over at a friends house. In between episodes of Singled Out and Tales from the Crypt.

This movie is kind of creepy, although a lot of the special effects are dumb and look terrible. I think that this movie marked the first in a line of Comedy/Horrors involving Chucky. I am going to have to give this movie a 5 out of 10 for being slightly creepy yet really bloody.

Just think, Chucky's gonna be a bro!


  • This is one of those movies where not even brutal murders will stop adults from running their projects
  • The film was filmed at an actual Military School in Missouri
  • This is the last Child's Play movie with Andy Barclay
  • Stars include: Justin Whalin, Travis Fine, Brad Dourif, and Perrey Reeves
  • The tag line for the movie is Look Who's Stalking a reference to the forgettable baby movie Look Who's Talking
  • Some kids who watched this movie killed another kid and blamed it on this movie. Murder of James Bulger; "The film also has become controversial because it has been directly linked to the very brutal murder of James Bulger. The killers, who were 10 years old at the time, were said to have imitated a scene in which one of Chucky's victims is splashed with blue paint. Although these allegations against the film have never been proven, the case has led to some new legislation for video films[4]. Psychologist Guy Cumberbatch has stated, "The link with a video was that the father of one of the boys - Neil Venables - had rented Child’s Play 3 some months earlier. However, the police officer who directed the investigation, Albert Kirby, found that the son, Jon, was not living with his father at the time and was unlikely to have seen the film. Moreover, the boy disliked horror films - a point later confirmed by psychiatric reports. Thus the police investigation, which had specifically looked for a video link, concluded there was none." - From Wikipedia