Dracula (1931) - Tod Browning

Dracula is the cornerstone of Horror. The most successful Vampire movie of all time. Bela Lugosi will always be associated with his role of the bloodsucking noble. This was released before Frankenstein and did quite successful. It began the Universal Horror brand that has lasted for decades. It is such a classic and well done film. Directed by Tod Browning, this spectacular piece is incredibly creative. Of course it takes liberties with the Bram Stoker novel, it's hardly surprising with a Hollywood Blockbuster like this one. 

This film is so iconic and unique. It was made right along side a Spanish language counterpart, that is just as interesting as this one. The cast and crew is spectacular. Like I said above, Tod Browning and Bela Lugosi. However, we have Dwight Frye, Edward Von Sloan, and Helen Chandler as Mina. The acting is tight and keeps you entertained the entire time. 

The story is about Dracula reigning his horror on England. He creepily stalks around sets. Bites girls on the neck and evades Dr. Van Helsing. Browning does a great job of using light in this movie. Dracula's eyes are terrifying. The movie is written so well too. Garrett Fort wrote the screenplay and it flows so seamlessly. This is really a superior picture and it should be required viewing in Film Appreciation classes. 

This is a really easy movie to recommend. The movie is really easy to get into for those that feel like they would be bored by a black and white movie. Especially one from the thirties. The movie is also really entertaining and can be appreciated for a quick horror movie night. In short, if you want to find something to watch then seek this out. It should be easy to find. 

There are far worse things awaiting man than death.

  • Universal Studios commissioned a new musical score from composer Philip Glass. It premiered at The Brooklyn Academy of Music on 26 October 1999. 
  • The large, expansive sets built for the Transylvania castle and Carfax Abbey sequences remained standing after filming was completed, and were used by Universal Pictures for many other movies for over a decade. 
  • Bela Lugosi played the role of Dracula on Broadway in 1927 before touring the country with the show. The American performance of the British stage actor Hamilton Deane's adaptation of the book was a smashing success. Soon after the play began touring Universal started to express interest in the script.