Dead Air (2009) - Corbin Bernsen

Dead Air is a shitty version of Pontypool, a movie that was released a few months prior to this. This movie is directed by Psych actor Corbin Bernsen. It brings together both actor Bill Mosley and Patricia Tallman who worked previously on the late 80's remake of Night of the Living Dead. Seeing them together again on film is pretty cool i have to admit, but this is nothing like the Night of the Living Dead remake. This movie is really, really bad. Mosley is the best actor in the film and that's not saying much, this movie uses really little of the Zombie lore and preys much more on Post 9/11 fear. A cheap trick if you ask me. It makes Corbin Bernsen look like a bitter patriot. Chalk this movie up with Zombies of Mass Destruction or American Zombie. 

The movie is so over saturated with political overtones, that I can't even begin commenting on the horrible acting of the Zombies. The usual shuffle is replaced with mindless meandering. They look stoned, not dead. The makeup is really crappy too. They didn't really try. 

The movie is about a Zombie outbreak that happens while Shock Jock Logan Bernhardt is on the air. The movies tension comes mostly in what Bernhardt is hearing from reporters on the field. However, every once in a while a Zombie scene pops up. Ruining the quiet anticipation that you built up the entire time. It is an interesting take on the Zompokalypse, but it falls short of actually entertaining you. Expect a lot of yawns. 



  • Riots are shown during the movie. This is actual footage of the "Göteborg Riots".
  • There are a lot of mistakes including; barricading a door that opens in the opposite direction, a wrist watch constantly changing wrists, and reporting errors on behalf of the actors. See if you can spot them all. 
  • Filmed in Germany and the good ol' US-of-A