The Curse (1987) - David Keith

Wil Wheaton is a terrible actor, well not terrible but not good. The Curse from 1987 is a good example of his acting chops. Here we have a redneck farming family who have a strange asteroid or egg or something crash land in their crops. Wil Wheaton plays a farmboy who's "loose" mother sleeps around with the help and a stepfather who is a backwoods country christian bible thumper. I see this movie as being inspiration to Eli Roth for his picture "Cabin Fever" where almost the exact same storyline happens.

Asteroid crashes and oozes out some weird stuff that gets into the water supply for this small farm. The inhabitants of the farm eat the food that was nourished by this tainted water and drink it as well transforming themselves into walking melting candles with super strength. Wil Wheaton is too smart for this trickery though and spends the entire hour and a half fighting off the Zombified versions of his Hick Stepfather and Fat Pig of a Step Brother.

The acting is horrible and the campiness of the film is really its only saving grace. It really doesn't show me anything that I would like to tell you about here. I suppose you could go on for the rest of your life and not ever see this, you would be pretty happy. From me The Curse gets a 3 out of 10.

Watch out them tomatoes spit blood!