Antichrist (2009) - Lars Von Trier

The director of Dancer in the Dark and Dogville started this whole thing when he was incredibly depressed. You can tell when you watch the movie that his depression ran really deep. I read somewhere that he was so distracted when he directed this, that he had to excuse himself from the set and not take seat behind the camera, frustrating him beyond his normal frustration.

If the MPAA ever decided to put a normal rating on this film it would have to be, in my opinion, NC-17. Watching this film, i was baffled by how many things are put to camera that would be considered in Europe to be "Video Nasty" This is one of the most graphic and disgusting tales of possession that i have ever seen.

Now this is how i think that the movie went. He and Her had a kid, who she did not look out for subconsciously. There is something wrong with both of them and you see this magnified when they get to the cabin. SPOILER They are both possessed when they get to the cabin SPOILER. That's how i see it, when you see a normal movie about possession there is always an anchor. Someone who is not possessed who we can relate to throughout the film. In this case, there is no anchor, everything is fucked. Satan or whoever is using He and She and just letting them run wild. He begins to notice though and that's when the climax comes. When you start this up you are in for the most disgusting yet beautifully shot movies of your life, so strap in.

On the scary level there is a lot of weirdness, I didn't have nightmares, like i wanted. This film is jam packed with Graphic Sex and a lot of intense violent images. So go ahead and take a 6 year old to this movie if you want to ruin his little life. Overall i give this movie a 6 out of 10, it is good but it is weird!


Lars Von Trier




Symbolic Psychological Thriller

Did ya know...

When the filming started, Lars von Trier had just left a mental hospital where he stayed for two months, receiving treatment for depression. He had not completely recovered at the time and was even unable to operate the camera as he usually does, which made him very frustrated. He repeatedly excused himself to the actors for being in the mental condition he was, but, according to him, the actors supported him and throughout production, he did not experience any grave problems, except for his own condition.