The Box (2009) - Richard Kelly

It was terrible, I fell asleep and it pained me to wake up and see that the movie was still going on. I would of walked out, but these are desperate times and i don't like to waste a dollar. I have only walked out on two movies: Pearl Harbor and Malibu's most wanted. I think that Richard Kelly's career is officially on hiatus. He is now just asleep behind the camera. He needs to figure out how he is going to get out of the slump that he created for himself by releasing his best movie first. Donnie Darko was a good movie and I really enjoyed it, Southland Tales was no good. The Box is the worst Richard Kelly movie so far. I think it is also the worst filmed version of a Richard Matheson tale ever.

The movie started out with promise, even though Cameron Diaz was in it, and I really curse anything that she is in. I thought that it was creepy enough and the music was just right. Then about 30 minuets into it, it became tiresome. It seemed like you could tell that this was a short story that the director and writers wanted to add more too than needed. I fell asleep around 45 minuets in and woke periodically through out. Then stayed up about 15 minuets to the end. I really didn't care that i missed some plot, it didn't seem useful, and i didn't feel that the movie could be saved at that point.

All in all the movie's bad really out weighs the good it is a thin storyline that doesn't translate into the Silver Screen very well. Great Richard Mattheson story and weak Richard Kelly film.

  • Basil Hoffman was in this film and in the Twilight Zone episode Button, Button based on the same story. 
  • The film was scored by indie band The Arcade Fire. 
  • The number 13 shows up in the film quite a bit.