& Teller (2008) - Frank Ippolito


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& Teller and & Teller 2, are shorts created by Teller from the popular comedy/magic duo Penn & Teller. The film(s) are a video diary of Teller surviving a Zombie attack in Las Vegas. It is narrated by Teller, who keeping true with tradition, doesn't actually talk on camera. I think that for a short of this length it is very creative. They fill a short amount of time here with a great little story. The art department deserves a gold star for this one. The story is pretty good as well. A little comedy mixed with some ok looking, slow moving, Zombies. The story kind of feels like this is an off shoot of the great Zombie novel World War Z by Max Brooks. In fact if they do a World War Z movie this should really be in there somewhere, maybe some viral marketing for the film. I dunno, but Teller does a great job, very good effort and i hope to see more of these in the near future.

There will be more reviews hopefully tonight/morning.