Lost Paradise (1990) - Masami Akita


This was the worst thing I have ever seen. I have seen some really crappy movies and this one really takes the cake. Disgusting, disturbing, and just unnecessary. Lost Paradise or Shitsurauen: Jobafuku onna harakiri is a Japanese Seppuku film. It has no plot and no storyline. It's basically just a thirty minuet snuff film. It's just horrible. Most of the time is just watching a girl commit suicide by seppuku for eighteen minuets.

It is "directed" by some Japanese noise musician that supplied the soundtrack for this abortion of a movie. He should stick to making noise and leave this crap to someone else. Nothing about it is memorable or redeeming. It is a failure in film-making and should be shunned from society as being the foul grool that it is.

Perhaps they have a fetish for this sort of thing in Japan. Then this is just some weird extreme pornography or something and has no place among the horror films. I am going to keep this movie on the site though so that I can have a benchmark of when horror movies hit rock bottom. This is 0. The worst of the worst. If you just can't stay away from it you can find this film through various traders and according to Rotten Tomatoes this is available in a 5 hour 3 disk set featuring more of this crap. In the words of comic book guy.

Director: Masami Akita