The Golem: How He Came Into the World (1920) - Paul Wegener

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This movie is among the greatest silents to have ever graced a silver screen. Der Golem is truly superior work, it shows that famous brand of expressionism almost better than Dr. Caligari. The effects alone are enough to make you fall in love with it and beg for more.

The story, shows the Jews who are under persecution from the kingdom of Prague. Rabbi Lowe, the main character in this story, has enough of the persecution. He creates a giant Golem out of clay to protect his Ghetto. Then he brings the Golem to life by placing a star of David, emblazoned with a ‘magic word’ on it. The Golem does the Rabbi’s bidding and helps rid the kingdom of its evil emperor and evil citizens.

Its not enough for the Rabbi’s right hand man though. Who is jealous that the Rabbi’s daughter is dating some shiksa! Furious the Rabbi’s buddy sicks the Golem on the shiksa and all hell breaks loose. The only way to stop the Golem now is if there is some little girl who will rip the star from the Golem’s chest! Whats that? Oh there is!? Well, i guess you’ll have to see it to see if that happens.

So not only does Paul Wegener direct this classic of the silver age of horror, he also acts in it! He is a friggin’ powerhouse that is batting 1000. He really hits it out of the park with this one though. The Hero/Antagonist Golem is a very, very imposing force. His expressions are great, it makes the movie worth watching just for the expressions. I was thoroughly impressed with this gem and you should all see it. Top 100 movies to see before you kick the bucket! I think so. Excellent film, all be it a little Anti-Semite.


Paul Wegener





Did ya know...

This was a remake of the lost film Der Golem from (1915) and it was remade as The Golem (1936)