Low Blow (1986) - Frank Harris


A forgettable action movie starring the boring ass, Leo Fong.

Director: Frank Harris

Producer: Leo Fong

Writer: Leo Fong

Starring: Leo Fong, Cameron Mitchell, Troy Donahue and Diane Stevenett

Studio: Crown International Pictures

Country: United States

Language: English

Low Blow is a 1986 action b-movie from Crown International Pictures. It was directed by schlock movie maker, Frank Harris, who has been known for his eighties garbage pictures. The film stars Leo Fong, who also served as the writer and producer. And also features performances by Cameron Mitchell, Troy Donahue, Akosua Busia and Stack Pierce. This feature is one of those “so-bad it’s good” type movies. Not intentionally made to be corny or laughable, but it just happens to turn out that way. This was released on Beta and VHS in the same year as it’s release.

Joe Wong, a former policeman turned private detective, has been hired to trackdown a runaway heiress that took off to join a new and deadly religious cult. Wong joins up with a former boxing champion and a Vietnam veteran that vow to help him on the case. Their sleuthing gets them in all sorts of brawls across the hour and a half that this movie plays out. Not a deep plot. Not a good plot. Just an excuse for dry-ass Leo Fong to try acting.

Everything about this movie is over-the-top and miscalculated. The acting is awkward and stiff. But Leo Fong is the worst. It’s such a shame that he sunk so much of himself into this film. The action, if you want to call it that, is just Fong slowly tossing people around. The best example of the terrible action is a scene where Fong has to beat up a car with a two-by-four. His attacks are so weak and faint. Interestingly enough, this movie featured the first role for fitness star Billy Blanks.