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Jingle All the Way (1996) - Brian Levant


Jingle All the Way is a 1996 holiday comedy film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger alongside the comedic Sinbad. It was directed by Brian Levant and produced by Chris Columbus. Levant had experience behind the camera with The Flintstone's and Beethoven, both were effective kids pictures. Jingle All the Way proved to be a fun kids movie, but it also entertains adults. It’s a fun feature that has a great atmosphere and entertainment for the whole family.

 Howard (Schwarzenegger) is an overworked mattress salesman that has been spending too much time at the office and not enough with his family. His son, Jamie (Lloyd), wants the hottest selling toy of the Christmas season. An action figure called Turboman. The problem is that Howard never bought the toy, and it’s Christmas Eve. That means Howard will have to fight his way through the horrendous shopping crowds, including a sociopathic mailman (Sinbad), in order to fulfill his son’s Christmas wishes.

It was a success at the box office, dragging in $129 million worldwide. It was met with good reviews, but critics complained about the focus of the movie being on the commercialism of Christmas. Those complaints gained some serious traction, and the movie had gotten a bit of a negative response. But it quickly died out, and the film had begun to air regularly on television during the holiday season.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had only starred in a few comedy films before this one. The bulk of his portfolio is made up with action films, but Jingle All the Way was a change of pace. The story is really basic, and it plays it safe with the plot. This was another gripe by critics. But I think that the simplicity brings more out in the characters. This is less about the story and more about watching Arnold and Sinbad act around each other in a Christmas setting.

The cast is great for this movie. Even Jake Lloyd. He wasn’t nearly as annoying as he was in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Phil Hartman is perfect for the role of Ted. He plays a scummy neighbor so well. The way he acted and his mannerisms, they made me want to punch him in the face. I would say that’s pretty convincing acting, considering how much I adore Hartman’s comedic genius. I also liked Sinbad. He was great and worked as the comic antagonist. It’s interesting that Joe Pesci was originally intended for this role.

I am a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger films and found this comedy to be hilarious. I remember seeing this movie with my family during the 1996 Christmas season at the Northridge Fashion Center in Northridge, CA. I was a kid, but I can still recall the madness of the crowds. It was and still is a topical movie that rings true with a lot of people. This is a great holiday movie that I always enjoy around Christmas. It’s fun for fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and serves as something that the entire family can enjoy. There is also a quick cameo from the WWE’s Big Show as a giant Santa.

Jingle All the Way (67/100)

A good Christmas movie filled with laughs. Great for family movie night.

Director: Brian Levant
Producers: Chris Columbus, Michael Barnathan, Mark Radcliffe
Writer: Randy Kornfield
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sinbad, Phil Hartman, Rita Wilson, Jake Lloyd, Curtis Armstrong, Robert Conrad, Jim Belushi
Studios: 1492 Pictures, 20th Century Fox
Release date: November 16, 1996
Budget: $75 million
Gross: $129.9 million


The Addams Family (1991) - Barry Sonnenfeld


The Addams Family (85)

Another great feature for the holidays! It's not necessarily a Christmas movie, but it feels that way. Gather the family around for this one.

Directed by    Barry Sonnenfeld
Produced by    Scott Rudin
Written by    
Caroline Thompson
Larry Wilson
Based on    The Addams Family
by Charles Addams
Anjelica Huston
Raúl Juliá
Christopher Lloyd
Music by    Marc Shaiman
Cinematography    Owen Roizman
Edited by    Dede Allen

Orion Pictures
Distributed by    Paramount Pictures
(North America and Latin America)
Orion Pictures
(International, 1991-1997)
(International, 1997-current)
Release date
November 22, 1991
Running time
99 minutes
Country    United States
Language    English
Budget    $30 million
Box office    $191.5 million


The Addams Family is a dark comedy from 1991. It was directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and starred Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston, Christopher Lloyd and Christina Ricci. The film is based on the old Addams Family cartoon from Charles Addams and the television program from the sixties. I’ve loved this film since my childhood. The humor is perfect. It’s the perfect mix of tame dark comedy that hasn’t suffered from age. While it isn’t a Holiday Film, it still stands a great comfort film that the entire family can enjoy. I lump this in with a lot of Christmas pictures and it doesn’t feel out of place.

The Addams Family are Gomez and Morticia. Their children, Wednesday and Pugsley. Morticia’s mother, Granny. Their butler Lurch and their hand, Thing. They are a rich but very strange family who appears to be a thorn in the side of the community they live with. The Addams’ lawyer, Tully Alford Esq. swindles the family out of their savings, a large cache of gold doubloons that makes up the entire Addams fortune. Tully is assisted in this rouse by a loan-shark, Abigail Craven and her “son” Gordon. Gordon closely resembles the long-lost Addams Family member, Fester Addams, and the duo use this to their advantage. Using Gordon to infiltrate the Addams’ estate and lead them to the riches. Only the problem is that “Gordon” is feeling more and more at home.  

This movie is written so well and the acting is awesome! The dramatic scenes can touch you while bringing a smile to your face. Everyone hits their mark, Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia are enchanting as Morticia and Gomez Addams. Their chemistry on screen is so real. My favorite character was that of Christopher Lloyd as the insane Fester Addams. Lloyd steals the show. Scenes with Fester coaching the young Pugsley and Wednesday are top notch. Its heart-warming to watch his admiration of their grotesque school talent show performance. 

The style of the film reminds me a lot of Burton’s quirky gothic esthetic. It felt like Barry Sonnenfeld had borrowed from Beetlejuice and the more recent, Edward Scissorhands. The effects were handled by Tony Gardner (127 Hours, Seed of Chucky) and are really good. Thing was, a great example of that. The scenes with Thing running around town and delivering for FedEx are great. It’s interesting to note that most of this movie was filmed on the same set as the original Addams Family television show. Also, Nineties Pop Rapper, MC Hammer contributed to the films soundtrack with The Addams Groove. A music video was produced and played before the film during the early theatrical run. It’s horrible. 

The Addams Family is a fantastically weird comfort film that leaves you entertained. I recommend this movie to everyone that hasn’t seen it. The characters might not be familiar, but it’s guaranteed to make you smile and laugh. Each member of the family brings their own bit of hilarity to the picture. Its heavily detailed and I keep finding new things to appreciate with each viewing. 


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