GCW Presents: Joey Janela's LA Confidential (2018)

Promotion: GCW

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Venue: The Hi-Hat

Attendance: ???

Rating: 77%


GCW Presents: Joey Janela’s LA Confidential is a professional wrestling event that took place on November 16th, 2018. It was presented by Game Changer Wrestling and Joey Janela. It was held at The Hi-Hat in Los Angeles, California. The commentary was provided by the awesome Kevin Gill. Proceeds from the tickets and streams on FITE-TV are going to the victims of the devastating wildfires that are ravaging the West Coast. This event featured some pretty heavy names and promised to be one hell of an event.

The Great Sasuke vs. DJ Z - Singles Match (79%)

The Light Bright Luchador takes on a legend in the business, The Great Sasuke. This match was pretty good. DJ Z looked like he had a lot to prove, and wanted to make Sasuke sorry for accepting the bout. This match had all sorts of exciting twists and dives. If you are a fan of high-flying wrestling, then this opener would be right up your alley. Keep your eyes open for the Tornado DDT from the DJ booth to the ring.

Jungle Boy vs. Tony Deppen - Singles Match (83%)

These first two matches were very fast-paced. Tony Deppen was a good heel, but Jungle Boy’s face pop blew the roof off of the place. These two looked great in the ring. Deppen didn’t do much to stand out, aside from pissing off the crowd. Jungle Boy was very quick and agile. The crowd loved him and showed their appreciation.

Brody King vs. “Hardcore” Holly - Singles Match (75%)

Brody King is a heavy hitting mother fucker. That guy has ham-hocks and he just throws them around with reckless abandon. Bob Holly is another legend in the business. His work with the WWF/E is truly Hall of Fame worthy. This match wasn’t anything too special. Both guys laid it in pretty tightly. Holly was kicking ass. But our man Brody King was just a bit more hardcore.

Human Tornado vs. Penelope Ford - Singles Match (85%)

This was a return match, of sorts, for Human Tornado. A former PWG alum who had been wrestling part-time for the past few years. Penelope Ford is a CZW regular, and the second half of Joey Janela. We had recently seen her at the NWA 70th Anniversary Show. These two were primed and ready to have a really fun match. Tornado started things off with his usual dance-off. The match saw Tornado trying to mess with Ford both mentally and physically. He destroyed her. If you are not a fan of seeing intergender wrestling, then this would definitely be a trigger for you. Ford would eventually get a few hope spots in. This got the crowd solidly behind her while jeering the dastardly Human Tornado.

Ethan Page vs. D’Lo Brown - Battle for Ethan’s Soul (80%)

Joey Janela has been messing with Ethan Page since Joey Janela’s Spring Break. This match is no exception. “All Ego” Ethan Page has been cast into a Battle for Ethan’s Soul match against the 4x WWF European Champion, D’Lo Brown. Both guys looked crisp. D’Lo was really impressive. He looked like he had gotten old, but age gets to us all, right? Ethan Page was smarmy and easy to hate. He got under the crowd’s skin early on and didn’t do himself any favors with a laughable version of The Rock’s, People’s Elbow. I was really impressed with D’Lo in this match. It made me really miss seeing him in the old WWF. Check out D’Lo bust out a perfect moonsault and other things from his reporté.

Chase Owens vs. Delilah Doom vs. Facade vs. Jake Atlas vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Kikutaro vs. Takeshi Minamino - Scramble Match (68%)

Many different styles are clashing here in this Seven Person Scramble match. It’s hard to cover a match like this other than saying it’s a clusterfuck. Delilah Doom, Jimmy Lloyd, Facade and Jimmy Lloyd were all really impressive. Kikutaro was hilarious as usual and Takeshi Minamino was a tough son-of-a-bitch. It’s that damn Chase Owens that acted like a jerk the entire match. This thing had something for everyone. It was entertaining, fun, and full of botches.

Jacob Fatu vs. KTB - Singles Match (65%)

Jacob Fatu is a tremendous professional wrestler here in California. He has fought for promotions like Hoodslam, APW, PCW and now GCW. KTB, or Kyle the Beast, is a regular at GCW and has been for a very long time. This match got pretty hardcore, but the stream kept skipping and wouldn’t allow me to enjoy the match. It’s a bummer since it looked like a great bout. From what I saw, Jacob Fatu is going to be going places. He looked awesome out there. Far from the guy I saw last year at the All-Pro Wrestling Cow Palace show.

Eli Everfly vs. Marco Stunt - Singles Match (50%)

Both of these guys went hard as fuck! Maybe a little too hard AF. Eli Everfly and Marco Stunt showcased some death-defying aerial stunts that really kept you on the edge of your seat. Watch when they start diving onto chairs on the outside of the ring. It’s nuts! Marco would start to get an advantage, but Everfly would dive onto him and squash it. Most of the match took place outside of the ring and unfortunately it wasn’t really happening on camera. It was a bad ending for the match and looked even worse for poor Marco Stunt. Apparently, he broke his fibula after a bad Canadian Destroyer on the outside. The match was stopped and he was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Nick Gage vs. David Arquette - Death Match - GCW Heavyweight Title Match (55%)

I had no idea what to expect. Deputy Dewey from the Scream franchise is in the ring against a recently released felon, and GCW Champion, Nick Gage. I wouldn’t go anywhere near Nick “Fucking” Gage, let alone get in a ring with him. Arquette got in a few shots, but Gage is a stiff as nails fighter. The champion. Nick Gage took Arquette to a level that he had never been too. But that isn’t to say that Arquette wasn’t impressive. He had some really good moves. He shows a lot of heart, and it looks like he really wants to be a wrestler. David Arquette has a long way to go, but it wasn't that horrible. He looked better than he did in WCW. This turns out pretty much the way we all expected it to go. Arquette gets his ass kicked three ways from Sunday. He gets bloodied and destroyed with tables, chairs, light-tubes, a pizza-cutter… the whole nine yards. We even get run-ins from Joey Ryan and The Messiah. THE MESSIAH!

I live in California and it’s really tough to see the state I love on fire. A lot of people had lost their lives and even more, are still missing while the Woolsey and Camp Fires are raging on. I hadn’t expected to order this event, but couldn’t pass it up when I saw that some of the proceeds were benefiting fire relief charities here in Cali. It’s a really nice thing for a wrestling promotion to do. I love independent wrestling and these GCW shows are fantastic. Star-studded and full of great matches.

This whole thing was really interesting. I loved seeing some of these younger fighters taking on so many veterans of the ring. It was great seeing Bob Holly and D’Lo Brown kicking ass. I had a great time watching the comedy spots in the scramble match. But the match of the night had to go to Human Tornado and Penelope Ford. Those two really wowed the crowd and put on a hell of a match. I was disappointed by the Hardcore Holly/Brody King match, but it still had some good spots. The double Main Events were not the greatest. Better than average. But so many unnecessary risks. What the hell was Marko Stunt and Eli Everfly thinking when they took the match out into the crowd and away from the cameras? Why did Stunt agree to take that Canadian Destroyer through a door and onto the bar floor? What the hell was with Everfly’s tongue! Then in the Arquette/Gage Deathmatch, why did Gage take it to that level? The announcer made reference to the Mass Transit Incident, that’s almost exactly what this was. Arquette is pretty green and still has a long way to go. Gage knows this. I know he is a bad motherfucker, but come on. Who the hell does he think he is? New Jack? David Arquette loves wrestling and has the heart for the business. He respects it and wants to succeed. There was no need whatsoever for Gage to take it to that level. The light tubes should have never been introduced. It could have been a good enough affair in the ring and with the chairs at ringside. Nick Gage had no regard for Arquette whatsoever. It was kind of gross.