NWA 70th Anniversary Show (2018) - Nashville, Tennessee

Promotion: NWA

Date: October 21st, 2018

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Network: FITEtv

Rating: ★★★¼

NWA 70th Anniversary Show is a National Wrestling Alliance professional wrestling event that took place on October 21st, 2018. It was held at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. Featuring an NWA Heavyweight Title rematch between the champion, Cody Rhodes and challenger, Nick Aldis. The NWA Women’s Champion Jazz will be defending her title. And a single night tournament for the vacant NWA National Heavyweight Championship. The commentary was provided by Jim Cornette, Tony Schiavone and lead man, Joe Galli. I am watching the replay copy on FITE TV.  

This was the first NWA SuperShow in ten years. It’s a low-budget production so I expected a good deal of sound and camera issues. The NWA didn’t disappoint. A lot of silent promos and audio issues. The camera work was alright but the overall production seemed rushed. The downtime in between matches seemed chaotic and unorganized. There was a random music video for some jabroni wrestler named Ricky Starks that seemed weird and out of place. But, it was funny to see Jim Cornette almost have a coronary over his segment. The Penelope Ford promo was great too. That had a fun production slip-up.

Sammy Guevara vs. Colt Cabana vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Sam Shaw - Four-way elimination match, NWA National Heavyweight Championship Tournament Round 1 (72%)
This was a fantastic bout that could have gone to any competitor. Sammy Guevara looked amazing. He showed off tremendous high-flying skills. Scorpio Sky and Colt Cabana were filler. They had some fun spots, but nothing that counted as any serious offense. Sam Shaw had the most to prove and he did it. At some points, it looked like Cabana, Sky and Guevara would gang up on Shaw, but he overcame it.

Barrett Brown vs. The Laredo Kid (75%)
The second match on the card is a fast-paced light-heavyweight bout. The Laredo Kid from AAA looked great. His moonsault plancha to Barrett Brown on the outside looked crisp. Barrett Brown looked good too. Both guys showcased some interesting offense.

Ricky Starks vs. Willie Mack vs. Mike Parrow vs. Jay Bradley - Four-way elimination match, NWA National Heavyweight Championship Tournament Round 1 (68%)
This was the second four-way elimination match of the evening. This one had less star power with Starks, Parrow, and Bradley, but it didn’t really matter. It was heavy-hitting. Parrow and Bradley started things off by belting each other with bricks and putting their strength on display before Parrow was eliminated by that slimy vermin, Ricky Starks. Bradley wasn’t much outside of that slobberknocker with Parrow. He was quickly dispatched. Then it came down to Willie Mack and Ricky Starks. You knew Starks wasn’t going to make it.


Peter Avalon vs. Tim Storm - Kiss My Foot Match (76%)
If you have been keeping up with the NWA series, 10 Pounds of Gold, then you might be familiar with this feud. “Professional” Peter Avalon stole a victory from Tim Storm on a past episode. Tim Storm “...is built like a brick outhouse,” according to Jim Cornette. He looked great in this WWE style comedy match. Peter Avalon got in some good offense and actually showcased some decent wrestling. But Tim Storm is The Perfect Storm. The after match antics were good. I loved seeing the referee make a decision that if Avalon doesn’t kiss Tim Storm’s foot, then he would have to pay $10,000.


Jazz vs. Penelope Ford - NWA Women’s Title Match (70%)
Woah! Earl Hebner is the referee for this match! Jazz looked badass in her entrance. I loved it. She even had a working pre-match hype video. It made me a fan. Penelope Ford had a boring entrance. But she still looked ready for NXT. This was a hard hitting match that both women looked great in. Jazz was bringing the heat, but Ford had the moves. Seriously impressive gymnastic moves from her. I liked this match so far the most. Then the ending happened. Yikes. Hebner needs to retire. He ruined the whole thing.

Willie Mack vs. Sam Shaw - NWA National Heavyweight Title (79%)
This one was hot right out of the gate. Willie Mack ambushed Sam Shaw during his entrance as revenge for a beatdown that Mack took earlier in the evening. Both guys put on a hell of a match. Sam Shaw is going to go places if he can develop a personality. He was impressive. He beat the hell out of Willie Mack. It looked vicious. He was mean and calculating. While Willie Mack was high-impact and fleet-footed. He looked amazing. It’s crazy to see someone that’s his size, moving like that. He wins the title with a stunner. Great match.

The War Kings (Jax Dane & Crimson) vs. The Kingdom of Josephus (Shannon Moore & Crazzy Steve) (63%)
This is another match that had hijinks setup on 10 Pounds of Gold. Josephus had challenged The War Kings and created a ruse to help debut his new team, The Kingdom of Josephus, Crazzy Steve & Shannon Moore. I was surprised. This turned out to be an okay match. A few flubs and botches, but nothing major. Jax Dane is a powerhouse. I had always been interested in seeing his matches. I wasn’t that impressed with Crazzy Steve. Shannon Moore did alright. I think The War Kings work well together. I like them being managed by Road Warrior Animal.


Cody vs. Nick Aldis - Two-out-of-Three Falls Match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship (79%)
All of the former NWA World Champions had come out to the ring before the competitors. It was a cool detail, but it was kind of weird to see Jax Dane out there, sweating up the joint. Nick Aldis had an amazing entrance with Kamilla Kaine. The champion, Cody Rhodes, came out to a great pop. I am a big Cody Rhodes mark. The match was average. They went through the usual spots and worked for the crowd. Crisp looking moves. Aldis delivered some awesome looking suplexes. Nick Aldis wins the first pinfall and then the action really picks up. The fight moves outside in deep into the crowd. The crowd goes nuts as things get a bit hardcore. The shenanigans pick-up too. It’s unfortunate. The table spot was a bit cool, but the manager interference was not needed. Cody picked up the second fall after that table spot. It looked nasty. Their fight for the third fall was intense. They traded finishers before Nick Aldis pulled out a surprise victory.

  1. Colt Cabana vs. Sam Shaw vs. Sammy Guevara vs. Scorpio Sky
    NWA National Title Tournament - First Round

  2. Barrett Brown vs. The Laredo Kid

  3. Ricky Starks vs. Willie Mack vs. Mike Parrow vs. Jay Bradley
    NWA National Title Tournament - First Round

  4. Tim Storm vs. Peter Avalon
    Kiss My Foot Match

  5. Jazz vs. Penelope Ford
    NWA Women's Title

  6. Willie Mack vs. Sam Shaw
    NWA National Title Tournament - Final
    NWA National Heavyweight Title

  7. The War Kings vs. The Kingdom of Jocephus

  8. Cody vs. Nick Aldis
    Two-of-Three Falls Match
    NWA Heavyweight Title Match

The night was so much fun. I liked seeing James Ellsworth and legends like Blue Demon Jr., Road Warrior Animal, Magnum T.A., and Dory Funk Jr. Jeff Jarrett’s speech was cringy and the NWA National Title looked horrendous, but the matches were great. Willie Mack is really deserving of the gold. He has been on the independent scene for years. Sam Shaw was really impressive. As was The Laredo Kid and Penelope Ford. The whole damn night was impressive. It was an average show, but it had some great surprises and treats for true wrestling fans.

If you are a fan of the WWE product (RAW, Smackdown, NXT, etc....) then there are a few matches for you. But please forgive the production. I know it’s hard. The silent gaps are weird and awkward. But this show has heart and it carries a lot of weight. The NWA has been on an upswing ever since Billy Corgan bought it. The web series 10 Pounds of Gold started this resurgence. If you aren’t familiar, please do yourself a favor and watch that. It helps develop a storyline that can assist fans in identifying with the competitors. This is a must watch for true wrestling fans.