Grudge Match #2: Sean Waltman vs. Scott Hall (Part 2)


Sean Waltman & Scott Hall

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Sean Waltman and Scott Hall were at it again in WCW. Their antics in the early days of the New World Order is pretty legendary. Although, Syxx wouldn't be a key figure to the group he would still serve loyally along side his friend and partner Scott Hall. At least for a year or so. 

However, during that time the two would go on to hold gold both individually but not together. Syxx would hold the WCW Cruiserweight TItle and Hall would capture the WCW United States Title. Both would team together sporadically throughout the year trying to capture Tag Team gold.  

Scott Hall & Syxx NWO Promo
WCW Monday Nitro - June 2nd 1997

Syxx, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and a lot of other performers would represent the New World Order. These three made up the main clique if you will. They had been the source of anger for WCW brass and went up against a "Super Group" at Slamboree in '97.  

The Outsiders & Syxx vs. Kevin Greene, Ric Flair & Roddy Piper
WCW Slamboree 1997 - May 18th 1997

Syxx and Hall would continue to be impressive. Syxx would fill in when Kevin Nash just wasn't available or was out with a quad injury. Their comfort in the ring always showed through. I prefer The Outsiders, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall over the combination of Hall and Syxx but it's a really close second. Syxx is one hell of a Tag Team wrestler. 

Scott Hall & Syxx vs. Harlem Heat
WCW Monday Nitro - July 14th 1997

Scott Hall & Syxx NWO Promo
WCW Monday Nitro - September 29th 1997

The Steiner Brothers were the target. They held the WCW Tag Team Titles and the New World Order wanted them. Syxx and Scott Hall got their shot on an episode of WCW Monday Nitro in late '97. 

Scott Hall & Syxx vs. The Steiners (C)
WCW World Tag Team Titles
WCW Monday Nitro - October 13th 1997

Shortly afterword Waltman would suffer a neck injury and be fired by FedEx from World Championship Wrestling.  He would rejoin his friends in the World Wrestling Federation. The Attitude Era was in full swing. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin had just beaten Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XIV for the WWF World Heavyweight Title. The next night on Monday Night RAW, D-Generation X cut a promo and introduced X-Pac into the group. 

X-Pac joins D-Generation X
WWF Monday Night RAW - March 30th 1998

Strangely, X-Pac would call for his friends Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to be "freed" from WCW. DX would even try to kick off an angle that saw them invading WCW perhaps to "save" Razor and Diesel. Unfortunately it would be a couple of years before Sean Waltman and Scott Hall could share the ring again.