Word Processor of the Gods (1984) - Michael Gornick


Show: Tales from the Darkside
Season/Episode: S01/E09
Air-Date: November 25, 1984
Director: Michael Gornick
Writer: Michael McDowell

The Word Processor of the Gods is a television episode of the horror anthology series, Tales from the Darkside. It had aired on November 25th, 1984, and is the ninth episode of the first season. Michael Gornick, the cinematographer for Creepshow and Dawn of the Dead, is at the helm for this episode. It’s based on a short story by Stephen King, and stars Bruce Davison, Karen Shallo, Patrick Piccininni, and William Cain. It’s not the usual guts and gore horror movie that you might be used too. Instead it focuses on creepy situational suspense to deliver the scares.

Richard Hagstrom is a struggling writer that is having issues with his family. However, things turn around when his late nephew leaves him a Word Processor that he had custom-built. A Word Processor with a special trait. Anything that Richard writes about happens in real life. Doesn’t like his wife. Blink her out of existence! Don’t like your kid? Blink him out of existence. Want some Spanish doubloons? Blink them into reality!

This was a fantastic episode that leaves me wanting more. It’s not a good enough story for a full movie, but it could have been one of the features during the failed Creepshow 3. I love how simple this episode can be, yet how entertaining and intriguing the source material is. If you haven’t seen Tales from the Darkside yet, then this would be a great introduction. Fun and good for Stephen King fans.   


Rick and Morty: Bushland Adventures





April Fools came and went in 2018. With it came a strange little short parody of Rick and Morty called Rick and Morty: Bushland Adventures. Crass, raw and creepy, this episode(?) places our duo in a hyper-disturbing Australian landscape. This one-shot follows them as they travel to the town of Bendigo to retrieve "Rick's Box."

Wow, this episode is almost regrettable to watch. Kinda like A Serbian Film or Human Centipede. It's just so dark and twisted when you compare it to the series that it's parodying. It's interesting that this short had come along while this controversy about weather or not Rick and Morty will return for a fourth season is happening. Convenient.

The deep Australian references might be lost on most of the North American crowd, but our brothers and sisters in the south are going to love it. This short is incredibly intense, with its jagged and unhinged art-style and characters. It's worth a watch to all the Rick and Morty fans out there. Beware if you aren't already a fan.